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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Finance conference sessions

Merici Vinton (OI Engine @ IDEO ), Micheál Keane (Civis Analytics)
An open data in government love story / case study - how a team of techies overcame political and procedural hurdles to change the financial marketplace.
Roy Singh (Guavus)
In this session Guavus’ Chief Technology Officer, Roy Singh, will present a framework using an operational intelligence platform based on Apache Spark, for providing a pipeline for anomaly detection, causality analysis, anomaly prediction, and actionable alerts.
Lelanie Moll (FICO), Deb Brooks (FICO), Silaphet Mounkhaty (FICO)
FICO has been delivering analytic solutions, such as their renowned credit scores, for nearly 60 years. Big data technologies like Hadoop promise FICO analysts the ability to build models much faster, and with greater accuracy than before, but this new generation of tools challenge them to think differently.
Sastry Durvasula (American Express), Kevin Murray (American Express)
American Express is transforming for the digital age! Learn how we unleashed Big Data into our ecosystem and built on the strength of our core capabilities to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment. New commerce opportunities and innovative products are being delivered, and the chance to provide actionable insights, social analysis, and predictive modeling is growing exponentially.
Stephen Lloyd (Transamerica), Vishal Bamba (Transamerica), David Beaudoin (Transamerica)
Slides:   1-PPTX 
Transamerica is a financial services company moving to a more customer centric model using Big Data. Our approach to this effort spans our Insurance, Annuity, and Retirement divisions. We went from a simple proof of concept to establishing Hadoop as a viable element of our enterprise data strategy. We cover core components of our solution and focus on lessons learned from our experience.
Peter Ferns (Goldman Sachs & Co)
Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services. Goldman executes 100's of millions of financial transactions per day, across nearly every market in the world. Learn how Goldman is harnessing knowledge, data and compute power to maintain and increase its competitive edge.
Mike Armstrong (ZestFinance)
Slides:   1-PPTX 
Last year, Douglas Merrill, CEO of ZestFinance and former Google CIO, discussed how success in big data analysis requires not just machines and algorithms, but also human analysis, or “data artists". Building on this notion, Mike Armstrong, CMO of ZestFinance, will discuss how companies can find, identify, and correct data inaccuracies.