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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Fashion conference sessions

Share libations, stories, and big data tips & tricks with other fashion industry professionals. Join us for a fashion and retail industry mixer at the O'Reilly booth, where you can learn more about data's impact in fashion and make new connections.
Karen Moon (Trendalytics), Vijay Subramanian (Rent the Runway), Liza Kindred (Lullabot)
Karen Moon, Co-founder and CEO, Trendalytics
Liza Kindred (Third Wave Fashion), David Whittemore (Clothes Horse), Gina Mancuso (LoveThatFitTM (LTF)), Rasmus Thofte (Virtusize)
Panel discussion, moderated by Liza Kindred, Founder, Third Wave Fashion. Panelists include David Whittemore, founder of Clotheshorse; Gina Mancusco, founder of Love That Fit; and Rasmus Thofte, head of North America at Virtusize.
Andrea Burbank (Pinterest)
Over two years of running A/B testing at Pinterest on millions of users each day, Andrea learned about the nuances that can make or break an experimentation platform. Andrea will discuss how her approach to testing has adjusted over time to avoid critical errors at all levels, from organizational to analytical.
Rachel Kalmar (Sensored)
Whether you're lining up for an Apple Watch, using the heads-up display of Google Glass, or sporting one of the hundreds of activity and sleep trackers, it's clear that wearable technology is exploding. No longer bulky and cumbersome gadgets, today's wearables are fashionably... data-chic.
Igor Elbert (
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For a long time Internet retailers have been trying to move items they sell closer to customers. Flash sale site takes it to the extreme: we apply machine learning to predict customers' cravings for fashion products in different geographic regions without purchase history to draw from.
John Rauser (Snapchat)
There are two essential skills for the data scientist: engineering and statistics. A great many data scientists are very strong engineers but feel like impostors when it comes to statistics. In this talk John will argue that the ability to program a computer gives you special access to the deepest and most fundamental ideas in statistics.
Karen Moon (Trendalytics)
Karen Moon will discuss the characteristics of unstructured data that makes identifying and synthesizing fashion trends particularly challenging and how getting it right can be a competitive advantage.
Chris Wilson (L.L.Bean), Doug Bryan (RichRelevance)
The accumulation, access and analysis of customer data (“the original Big Data”) are ingrained for L.L.Bean, which has been doing customer modeling since the 1960’s. In line with today’s omnichannel imperative, however, the retailer has embraced a “new Big Data”-driven culture—democratizing data access and tools—in order to sustain its customer-centric philosophy.