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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY
Mark Grabb

Mark Grabb
Technology Director for Analytics, General Electric Global Research Center

Dr. Mark Grabb is the Technology Director for Analytics at the General Electric Global Research Center in New York. The Analytics Technology Organization includes labs with expertise in Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Operations Research, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Image Analysis, and Computer Vision. Analytics Research at GE and for GE is primarily focused on the company’s services businesses in the industrial sectors as well as GE Capital in financial services. Dr. Grabb and his teams invent and develop big data analytics that are key components within larger GE Software solutions that enable GE’s customers to generate profit by increasing their revenues, lowering their costs, and managing their risks.

Additionally, the teams create new solutions for other Fortune 500 companies in non-competitive areas and support the research goals of the US Government. Dr. Grabb holds over 26 issued US patents. He is a registered patent agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Prior to General Electric, Dr. Grabb created analytics at The Analytic Sciences Corporation, Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Sperry Corporation, and the Defense Communications Agency. He has been with GE Global Research since 1996 and has been leading organizations since 1999.

Dr. Grabb received his BSEE, MSEE, and PhD degrees from North Carolina State University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Michigan, respectively.


9:00am–5:00pm Wednesday, 10/15/2014
Business & Industry
Location: 1 D03/1 D04
Jon Bruner (O'Reilly Media), Daniel Koffler (Rio Tinto Alcan), Ami Daniel (Windward), David Simchi-Levi (MIT), Victor Fang (Pivotal), Yu Cao (EMC), Nathan Oostendorp (Sight Machine), Alasdair Allan (Babilim Light Industries), Cameron Turner (The Data Guild), Leo Spiegel (Pivotal), Edy Liongosari (Accenture), Mark Grabb (General Electric Global Research Center)
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4:15pm–5:00pm Wednesday, 10/15/2014
Industrial Internet
Location: 1D03/1D04
Moderated by:
Jon Bruner (O'Reilly Media)
Leo Spiegel (Pivotal), Edy Liongosari (Accenture), Mark Grabb (General Electric Global Research Center)
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