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Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY
Ami Daniel

Ami Daniel
CEO, Windward

Website | @amidaniel1

Ami Daniel is the CEO and co-Founder of Windward Ltd., the world leader in predictive maritime analytics. In 2010, following seven years as a Naval Officer in the Israeli Navy, Daniel and fellow Naval Officer, Matan Peled, co-founded Windward, having recognized the immense challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of technology and the maritime domain.

An entrepreneur with a lifelong interest in large-scale social and technological change, Daniel is the recipient of the Israeli President’s Award for Social Activism and The Ilan Ramon Award for Leadership and Excellence. In 2013, Daniel was included in a distinguished group of the ‘40 most promising managers under 40’ published by The Marker Magazine, and was named a Tel Aviv leader by “Leaders Magazine," a U.S.-based publication focused on leadership issues. Daniel holds a law degree from the University of Tel Aviv.


9:00am–5:00pm Wednesday, 10/15/2014
Business & Industry
Location: 1 D03/1 D04
Jon Bruner (O'Reilly Media), Daniel Koffler (Rio Tinto Alcan), Ami Daniel (Windward), David Simchi-Levi (MIT), Victor Fang (Pivotal), Yu Cao (EMC), Nathan Oostendorp (Sight Machine), Alasdair Allan (Babilim Light Industries), Cameron Turner (The Data Guild), Leo Spiegel (Pivotal), Edy Liongosari (Accenture), Mark Grabb (General Electric Global Research Center)
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9:50am–10:30am Wednesday, 10/15/2014
Industrial Internet
Location: 1D03/1D04
Ami Daniel (Windward)
Knowing what’s happening at sea – from tracking a single ship to understanding commodity trade flows - is essential for decision makers across industries. But despite the huge stakes involved, this world remains opaque, with unreliable, fragmented data. Read more.