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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY
Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill
CEO, Textile

Website | @andrewxhill

Andrew Hill is the senior scientist at Vizzuality where he explores the future of online mapping to help guide innovation at CartoDB. He is a PhD biologist by training but has been working on maps, GIS, and data visualization for many years. He also teaches about maps and storytelling at NYU’s ITP. In his current position, he can regularly be found trying to create interesting maps online or giving workshops and presentations, often in New York City.


11:50am–12:30pm Friday, 10/17/2014
Design & Interfaces
Location: 1 E8/1 E9
Andrew Hill (Textile)
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An important skill of today's data scientists is data communication. Mapping and other types of data visualization have been sufficient to try and demonstrate the trends and patterns these professions find in data. However, there is an important shift happening in the way we consume data that means as a community, we need to think about our ability to turn data into stories. Read more.