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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

AI in 2014: Progress and Problems

Beau Cronin (Embedding.js)
11:00am–11:40am Friday, 10/17/2014
Data Science
Location: 1D
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What does AI mean in 2014, and where is it headed? Every day brings news of purported breakthroughs, and some of the new applications are certainly impressive, but the field has witnessed boom/bust cycles before. What are the challenges that lie ahead this time? This talk will provide an overview of the state of the field, as well as a critical framework for thinking about the years ahead.

Photo of Beau Cronin

Beau Cronin


Beau Cronin is the lead developer for Embedding.js, a library for data-driven immersive environments. Beau cofounded two startups based on probabilistic inference; the second was acquired by Salesforce in 2012. Recently, he has become increasingly focused on web-based virtual reality for data visualization. Beau holds a PhD in computational neuroscience from MIT.