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Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Spark Needs a Business Analyst Workflow

Ben Werther (Platfora)
9:50am–9:55am Thursday, 10/16/2014
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Location: 1D
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Spark represents the next step-function leap in what is possible with Hadoop. The benefits for developers include faster processing, support for a growing variety of processing models (e.g. machine learning, graph, etc), and a simpler programming model.

That’s a big deal, but what does it mean for less technical business analysts that are swimming in multi-structured data (transactions, customer interactions and machine data) and want to harness all of that data today? Is Spark just a backend for traditional BI products, or are we missing an opportunity to achieve a dramatically more efficient business analyst workflow?

In this presentation, Platfora founder and CEO Ben Werther will share a brand-new approach — using Spark and reimagining the work of the business analysts so they can directly and visually work with massive volumes of multi-structured data to find new insights today (instead of continually having to wait for IT to make big data small).

This keynote is sponsored by Platfora

Photo of Ben Werther

Ben Werther


Ben Werther is the Founder & CEO of Platfora. He founded the company in 2011 to realize his vision of how Big Data Analytics will transform the way to business can use data. Under Werther’s direction, Platfora has grown from an idea sketched on a napkin to one of the hottest enterprise startups in Silicon Valley and a leader of the Big Data Analytics category.

Designed for business users, the company’s product is the first visual self-service platform for line of business people to interactively uncover new opportunities that were once impossible across transaction, customer interaction, and machine data, at scale.

Werther has had an extensive track-record as a product visionary and strategic leader. Prior to Platfora, he was Vice President of Products for DataStax, where he shaped the company’s early enterprise and Hadoop strategy. Prior to DataStax, he was the head of product at Greenplum (through the EMC acquisition), and ran product strategy and product marketing for the company.