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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Improving Healthcare Business Strategies through Lean Data Partnerships

Brigitte Piniewski (nonaffiliated )
2:20pm–2:40pm Wednesday, 10/15/2014
Data-Driven Business Day
Location: E 20/ E 21
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Demand for high cost Healthcare episodes varies widely from day to day. Yet many Health systems do not proactively staff expensive hospital units such as the Emergency room and the Intensive care unit according to dynamic demand for services. Both under and over staffing can be remarkably costly. This case study demonstrates the value of data partnerships and the use of high yield laboratory data to solve dynamic demand management problems. Provocative suggestions for the use of public data and crowd sourced approaches to minimize future demand for healthcare are also offered.

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Brigitte Piniewski


Brigitte has been a primary care physician, researcher, author and multidisciplinary collaborator for more than two decades. Most recently she led several innovative projects as the Chief Medical Officer for PeaceHealth Laboratories, serving Alaska, Washington and Oregon. Brigitte is skilled in assembling and impassioning a diverse team of stakeholders anxious to transform health outcomes through crowd-based intelligence, medical device integration, and informatics-driven new business models. She recently authored a chapter for the Case Western Reserve San Diego, Wireless Health text book on Personalized Medicine and Public Health. Brigitte completed her medical degree at the University of British Columbia, her internship at McGill University, Montreal, Canada and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.