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Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

What’s Holding Up Your Hadoop?

Eddie Garcia (Cloudera)
5:05pm–5:45pm Thursday, 10/16/2014
Enterprise Adoption
Location: 1 E8/1 E9
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While Hadoop may be a hot topic at Strata and is probably the buzziest big data term, the fact is that very few Hadoop projects ever make it out of pilot mode. We hear a number of reasons for this.

  • “It’s too complicated.”
  • “I don’t have the right resources.”
  • “Security and compliance are never going to approve this.”

This session digs deep into why certain projects seem destined to remain in development. We’ll also cover what it takes to bring Hadoop to a production-ready state and convince management that it’s time to start using Hadoop to store and analyze real business data.

Attendees will leave the session knowing:

  • The five most common reasons development projects on Hadoop get stalled.
  • How to overcome some of the biggest blockers to implementation including finding the right resources, providing training and securing the Hadoop environment.
Photo of Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia


Eddie Garcia leads the company’s customer-facing technical resources including the pre-sales technical team, implementation and deployment engineers, security architects, customer support and the DevOps infrastructure used by Gazzang and our customers. Prior to this role, Eddie was Gazzang’s VP of Engineering responsible for software development and Quality Assurance. He was also the chief architect of the Gazzang zNcrypt product platform. He has more than 18 years of experience in both building and delivering commercial software products and in-house IT solutions.

Prior to Gazzang, at AMD, Eddie was responsible for creating tools that gave AMD’s distribution and OEM partners the ability to securely collaborate. He was also the architect of the company’s social network blogging platform and roadmap for secure cloud-based delivery. Eddie led the web security group at Pentasafe, authoring new products and tools for application security, and was also the senior architect at Perficient for key and strategic customer accounts. Eddie holds an engineering degree in computer science from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.