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Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

SmartCity StreamApp: An Internet of Things Service for Real-time Traffic Management

Damian Black (SQLstream Inc)
4:15pm–4:55pm Friday, 10/17/2014
Machine Data
Location: 1 E12/1 E13
Tags: iot
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With 800 million vehicles on the world’s roads today – a number forecast to grow to 4 billion by 2050 – intelligent transportation management systems will need to analyze real-time sensor data dynamically and on a massive scale in order to reduce congestion and optimize personal mobility. With the increase in numbers of smart cars and smart devices connected to the road system, traditional storage-based data management solutions are unable to scale for real-time traffic management performance. The quality and use of traffic information depends primarily on the accuracy and currency of the travel data, making the requirements for a successful implementation hard to attain without alternative technologies such as stream processing.

The presentation provides insights into the architecture supporting SmartCity StreamApp, showcasing the main data management requirements for this successful Internet of Things application. Initially built to support real-time traffic flow and congestion prediction alerts, the platform can now be connected to road infrastructure such as speed signs and traffic lights for automated congestion management, provide aggregated and enhanced data feeds from which other organizations are able to build their own traffic applications, integrates Twitter messages, and provides Internet portals for traveler access to travel time reports.

SmartCity StreamApp is a real-time data management application that allows for easy plugins for new sensor data feeds and analytics capabilities while the system is running, and for reusing live sensor data feeds across all the systems to which it connects. SmartCity StreamApp solves sensor network management problems across a wide range of transportation systems: road traffic networks, railroads, emergency deployment systems, green energy projects, shipping, rail, and logistics, with capabilities including:

  • Real-time traffic flow and congestion alerts.
  • Social media integration for Twitter feed overlays
  • Closed loop traffic management with real-time integration to operational systems for managing stop lights and speed signs for example
  • Aggregated traffic data feeds to support new applications
  • Google Maps and Google Earth visualization;
  • Data acquisition and cleansing modules for a wide variety of sources – wireless sensors, fixed-road sensors, social media, stored data.

This session will take a deep dive into the real-time traffic management solution provided by SmartCity StreamApp, with information and demonstrations for:

  • The business impact of the main implementations, measured in cost, efficiency and decision making.
  • Real-time Travel Time
  • Live congestion detection using a variety of available sensor data
  • Real-time access and updates for travelers
  • Real-time visualization: traffic flow, congestion, and abnormal patterns in real-time
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Damian Black

SQLstream Inc

Damian Black has over twenty-five years in the software infrastructure business. Damian started his career at Hewlett-Packard in HPLABS at their European research labs, and went on to run a European-wide middleware solutions and pioneer IP Mediation. He later moved to XACCT, Followap and SQLstream, where he authored eleven patents. He has a first class honors degree from Manchester University, which is the UK’s oldest and leading computer science department.