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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Connectivity, Real-Time Data, and Edge Analytics to Enable Intelligent Machines for the Industrial Internet

Alisher Maksumov (GE Software), Jean Lau (GE Software)
11:00am–11:40am Friday, 10/17/2014
Machine Data
Location: 1 E12/1 E13
Tags: iot
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The Industrial Internet is going to transform the industry by making industrial machines more intelligent and enabling services using real-time data coming from sensors and machines. The intelligent machines will be able to take actions based on insights generated from real-time data and analytics. This requires connectivity and interoperability across machines, fleets, plants, and cloud-based systems. The industrial communication standards will play an important role in providing seamless connectivity and integration between heterogeneous systems.

In this session we will discuss GE’s vision of the Industrial Internet and intelligent machines, as well as how to make them a reality. The presentation will cover the importance of real-time analysis of large volumes of data to optimize processes, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs. It will include use cases across vertical industries and a demo of running real-time analytics of an edge device.

Photo of Alisher Maksumov

Alisher Maksumov

GE Software

Alisher Maksumov is Principal Architect for the Industrial Internet Software Platform at GE Software. He is responsible for architecture, design, and roadmap of Intelligent Machine, Communication and Networking components of the platform. Since joining GE in 2012, he played a key role in shaping the platform vision and roadmap, as well as working with internal GE businesses and 3rd party technology vendors on collaborative projects and solutions for the Industrial Internet.

Alisher has a broad experience in research, development, and engineering of systems for data acquisition, monitoring, processing, and control. He has an extensive background in OPC and OPC UA communication and messaging technologies and has been involved in their development and evangelism for the last several years. He is a member of the Technical Advisory Council in the OPC Foundation and helps drive innovation in that domain.

Alisher Maksumov holds Ph.D. in Process Modeling, Automation and Control.

Jean Lau

GE Software

Jean Lau joined GE in August 2012 with 25+ years of experience in enterprise software development, which includes 10+ years in management. She is Engineering Manager, leading a team of talented developers who are building a software platform for the Industrial Internet.

Her areas of expertise include: Internet of Things, Machine to Machine communication, Cloud Computing, mobile analytic platform and mobile application development, Enterprise mobility platform development, data modeling, Enterprise application server, Real Time Events and Messaging infrastructure, and relational database product development.