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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

The Future of Data

kim rees (Periscopic)
1:30pm–1:50pm Wednesday, 10/15/2014
Data-Driven Business Day
Location: E 20/ E 21
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As the world shifts from Big Data to All Data or simply back again to “data” we have to come to grips with the ever-changing ramifications of the massive analytics of our lives. While some refuse to acknowledge the Big Data landscape in hopes that it will subside, the attitude is obviously unrealistic and pessimistic in nature. Data will only increase in magnitude and velocity.

Kim will delve into controversial and complex futures of data including:

  • Opening personal data and the turbulent future of privacy
  • Cognizant and executable data
  • Why data needs hackers (in the 2600 sense of the word)
  • Face computing and the use of latent cycles
  • New markets for future data
  • Machine or human data — implications and trajectories
  • “Data Natives” and the impacts on UX

This is a hopeful look at where data can take us, how it will evolve for speed and utility, skills that will rule the new landscape, and how we can embrace all of this for social good.

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kim rees


Kim Rees is a founding partner of Periscopic:, an award-winning data visualization firm. Their work has been featured in MoMA as well as several online and print publications, including CommArts’ Interactive Annual, The Information Design Sourcebook, Adobe Success Stories, CommArts Insights,,, and numerous websites, blogs, and regional media outlets.

Kim is a prominent individual in the information visualization community. She has been featured on CommArts Insights and has presented at several industry events including Strata, Eyeo, Visualized, OpenVis, and OSCON among others. Kim received her BA in Computer Science from New York University.