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Owen O'Malley

Owen O'Malley
Cofounder and Technical Fellow, Cloudera

Website | @owen_omalley

Owen has been contributing to Apache Hadoop since before it was first called Hadoop. He was the first committer added to the project and has provided technical leadership on MapReduce, and security. Using Hadoop in 2008 he set the world record for sorting a terabyte of data in 3.5 minutes and in 2009 he sorted a petabyte in 16.25 hours. In 2011, Own co-founded Hortonworks, which commercially supports and trains users of the Hadoop ecosystem. Prior to Hortonworks, Owen worked on Yahoo! Search’s WebMap project, which built the know web. Once ported to Apache Hadoop, it became the single largest low Hadoop application.


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Alan Gates (Hortonworks), Owen O'Malley (Cloudera), Arun Murthy (Cloudera )
* Making Hive perform interactive queries: Tez, vectorization, and optimizer improvements * How ORC enables higher performance and more efficient storage * Growing Hive's SQL to be standard compliant: adding subquery, datatypes, updates, deletes, and ACID. Read more.
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Arun Murthy (Cloudera ), Alan Gates (Hortonworks), Owen O'Malley (Cloudera)
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Apache Hive is the de facto standard for SQL-in-Hadoop today with more enterprises relying on this open source project than any alternative. New enterprise requirements for Hive to become more real time or interactive have evolved… and the Hive community has responded. Please join Arun Murthy, Owen O'Malley and Alan Gates to learn more about Stinger and improvements to Apache Hive. Read more.


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