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Leah Hanson

Leah Hanson
Software Engineer, Google

Website | @astrieanna

Leah is a programmer with an interest in lesser-known languages and technologies – Rust, Julia, and the Haiku operating system. A summer of writing OCaml as an intern at Jane Street completely convinced her of the value and practicality of functional programming.

While at Hacker School1 this spring, she tried out Julia, wrote the WebSockets.jl package2, and fell in love with the language. Since then she has given several workshops on Julia and spent the summer at MIT adding opt-in type “critiquing” (like type checking, but gentler) to the language. This fall, she is finishing an MSE at Johns Hopkins University, where her thesis project is the continuation of her type critiquing work.



Data Science, Hadoop & Beyond Nassau Suite
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Leah Hanson (Google)
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Julia is a high-performance, open source language with great tools for numerical and statistical work. If you know R, MATLAB, or NumPy, you will feel at home in Julia. Unlike these systems, however, Julia takes advantage of modern compiler technology, combining an intuitive programming model with the speed of a low-level language. This workshop will take you from installed to productive in Julia. Read more.
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Leah Hanson (Google)
* The Julia programming language * Julia's introspection and metaprogramming capabilities Read more.


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