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Richard Brath

Richard Brath
Partner, Uncharted Software

Website | @rkbrath

I’ve been designing and building innovative information visualizations for 20 years, ranging from one of the first interactive 3D visualizations on the web in 1995 to visualizations embedded in professional software used every day by thousands of professionals.


Office Hour Table D
Richard Brath (Uncharted Software), David Jonker (Uncharted Software Inc.)
Getting the right visualization for big data requires balancing user tasks, data constraints, visual representations and interactions. For visualizing graphs and social networks, consider: * When the standard graph visualization *not* a good solution * Alternative graph visualizations and best practices * Effective visualization of big data Read more.
Design Gramercy Suite A
Richard Brath (Uncharted Software), David Jonker (Uncharted Software Inc.)
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Visualizations of big graphs often look like spaghetti and can be difficult to use. Working backwards from the analytic questions, we will show some very different 2D and 3D visualizations for social networks. We'll also cover some of the challenges and discuss some open source tools. Read more.


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