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Office Hour with Heather Wasserlein

Office Hour Table A

My focus is on Text Analytics at Scale. Please bring any questions you may have on this topic and I’ll do my best to help answer them or guide you to additional information.

For context, I’ve been working on text-related projects over the past several years at Yahoo!, Intuit, and Travelocity. The problems we were trying to solve were diverse – ranging from improving site search to understanding customer drop-off and detecting illegal content on websites. In some cases, very simple approaches achieved significant results. In other cases, more complex algorithms and tools were required.

Here are some topics I’m particularly excited about:

  • Tying text to traditional analytics
  • Rules-based vs. machine learning approaches
  • Business processes & actioning of text insights
  • Use cases for Product Managers, UX, Care, Marketing, etc.
  • Getting started
  • Scaling

Heather Wasserlein


Heather Wasserlein is a Senior Product Manager at Intuit, where she partners with Data Science to create data-driven New Business Initiatives. Prior to Intuit, Heather worked on web content classification at Yahoo! and personalization at Travelocity. Heather holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.


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