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SQL on Hadoop: The Secret

Paul Groom (Kognitio)
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It’s time for widespread Hadoop adoption into full-scale production environments. But business users move slowly and adopt new tools too far behind the curve to keep up with the innovation in the Hadoop community. What’s needed is intelligent integration of Hadoop into existing Business Intelligence practices.

Hadoop doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and SQL is the lingua franca of modern data applications. Consequently, a modern data platform acts as a Logical Data Warehouse bridge, connecting Hadoop to legacy enterprise data warehouses as well as to visualization and dashboard tools for reporting and advanced analytics.

This fast-paced, slightly irreverent session will feature experienced practitioner and CIO Paul Groom, explaining how to insulate Hadoop clusters from the rigors of BI usage and from crazy users running queries from hell. And part of the answer, it turns out, has been under our noses for 25 years.

Users want Google-query-like speed, something that in-memory architectures can deliver. Hadoop benefits from CPUs but does not fully exploit all cores with 100% effective work (overhead). By contrast, an in-memory approach and mature SQL drives cores (not disks) to drive queries in seconds (not minutes or longer).

Paul will talk about how to extend Hadoop with in-memory processing. Attendees should be comfortable with MPP, ACID, D-RAM, CPU utilization, R, SAS, predictive modeling concepts and basic RDBMS principles, as well as HDFS basics and the deficiencies of HIVE and batch processing.

Photo of Paul Groom

Paul Groom


Paul Groom is a Big Data Advocate (he hates the word “Guru”) with 20+ years working with MPP Database Design, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and what was called simply ‘VLDBs’ (Very Large Databases) since the time of Briton Lee, a foundational technology that became part of Teradata.

A cartographer by education, he has worked for the British Government and has broken the Amazon Cloud (no major damage). Paul brings practical client experience from tens of thousands of hours building new analytical solutions with MPP and in-memory DBs plus ingenuity to his role as Chief Innovation Officer at Kognitio.


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