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Interactive Visualization of "Big" Data

Sean Kandel (Trifacta)
Design Murray Hill Suite
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When the number of data elements gets large — thousands to billions or more data points — standard visual representations and interaction techniques break down. In this talk, we will survey methods for scaling interactive visualizations to data sets too large to process or explore using traditional means. I will compare data reduction techniques such as sampling, aggregation and model fitting, as well as interesting hybrid approaches, and discuss their trade-offs. I will also describe methods to enable real-time interactive exploration within standards-compliant web browsers. Attendees will learn effective visualization techniques and interaction methods that are applicable to billion+ element databases.

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Sean Kandel


Sean Kandel is the founder and chief technical officer at Trifacta. Sean holds a PhD from Stanford University, where his research focused on new interactive tools for data transformation and discovery, such as Data Wrangler. Prior to Stanford, Sean worked as a data analyst at Citadel Investment Group.

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Picture of Sean Kandel
Sean Kandel
10/31/2013 8:19am EDT

Sorry for the delay – slides are up here:

Marek K Kolodziej
10/30/2013 4:34pm EDT

Would it be possible to post the slides here, like the other speakers have?

Saibal Patra
10/29/2013 11:11am EDT

Hi Sean – can you please provide the slides for your presentation.


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