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Monetize Your Data Firehose Like a High-Frequency Trader

Volkmar Uhlig (Adello)
Enterprise Data Sutton Center - Sutton South
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The world produces 1,200 exabytes of data each year – most of it is machine generated. To utilize and monetize data at such volumes requires to move away from pie charts and batch analytics to a world where data is analyzed and used when it is generated right of the wire. While sounding utopian for many industries, the financial industry has been pushing the envelope in real-time analytics and is extremely successful in automated decision making on millions of transactions to predict markets, trade, and prevent fraud. Many of the hard-learned lessons of instant decisioning are directly applicable to other industries.

In this session, Dr. Volkmar Uhlig, a high-frequency trading veteran, will discuss the architecture and challenges to real-time analytics in production deployments when drinking from the data firehose. He will describe the full data pipeline from real-time data acquisition, real-time processing, continuous archival, batch analytics, and real-time visualization. This soup-to-nuts portrait will showcase how to use HFT-like technology to help companies to get value out of Big Data.

Photo of Volkmar Uhlig

Volkmar Uhlig


Volkmar is the founder of Adello, a leading real-time media-buying platform built on Hadoop. Before, Volkmar worked on massive scale low-latency stream processing in High Frequency Trading and at IBM Research. Volkmar was also the lead architect of the L4 microkernel which is commercially deployed in over two billion cell phones. Volkmar has published numerous papers, holds multiple patents, and is actively participating in the research community. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University Karlsruhe, Germany.


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