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Bringing Video Game Super Powers To Life with Hadoop BI

Barry Livingston (Riot Games), Ben Werther (Platfora)
Hadoop in Action Sutton Center - Sutton South
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Riot Games is 100% focused on the gamer experience. They have built the most played video game in the world – League of Legends – and they need to constantly monitor, develop, and update their games to keep gamers engaged. Riot Games is constantly seeking out the most cutting edge data technology to put to work in their business. The company turned to Hadoop to store the massive amount of data they needed to collect because of the scalability it promised. However, they learned early on that it was extremely difficult to extract and explore that data in order to make real time adjustments to the game.

With Platfora, Riot Games is now building a “Data Collection Pipeline” to enable both their game developers and more business focused analysts the ability to examine gaming logs that contain player behavior and game functionality. They are then automatically able to adjust the gaming experience and visualize changes in player behavior immediately. Together Riot Games’ Technical Director, Barry Livingston and Platfora’s CEO Ben Werther will discuss various data architecture and BI approaches needed to access, explore and realize value from all their data in Hadoop.

Barry Livingston

Riot Games

Barry Livingston has a long, grizzled history with scalable, back-end service development. A foundational member of Riot Games’ “Platform” engineering team, Barry co-architected and led the implementation of much of the online service structure that powers League of Legends’ 32 million monthly active users today. He is also the only “ginger” known to have survived the initial League of Legends launch. In addition to serving as the Director of Engineering for Riot’s Big Data group, Barry is working on a recently declassified project with the US government aimed at officially determining how many yordles are killed in action during a typical day on the Fields of Justice.

Photo of Ben Werther

Ben Werther


Ben Werther is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Platfora. Ben launched Platfora, and was the founding CEO for four years, with the goal of transforming how ‘citizen data scientists’ in every company make sense and drive action through direct and effortless use of big data. Before founding Platfora, Ben was vice president of products for DataStax, where he shaped the company’s enterprise and Hadoop strategy, and was also head of products at Greenplum through its acquisition by EMC. Ben has a B.S. in Computer Science from Monash University (Australia) and an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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Daniel Graham
11/03/2013 2:32am EDT

Werthers rude BI=BS statement in his keynote turned me off so much I did not attend this session. 20+ years of great BI success exists and is well documented by Gartner, Davenport, and others. BI is NOT BS. Werther = BS. Most of what Platfora does is what BI has done for years. Get your story straight Werther—there are better ways to promote your product than bad mouthing 20+ years of success by BI/DW vendors.


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