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Parquet: An Open Columnar Storage for Hadoop

Julien Le Dem (WeWork), Nong Li (Cloudera)
Hadoop & Beyond Gramercy Suite
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We would like to introduce Parquet, a columnar file format for Hadoop. Performance and compression benefits of using columnar storage formats for storing and processing large amounts of data are well documented in academic literature as well as several commercial analytical databases. Parquet supports deeply nested structures, efficient encoding and column compression schemes, and is designed to be compatible with a variety of higher-level type systems. It is available as a standalone library, allowing any Hadoop framework or tool to build support for it with minimal dependencies. As of this release, Parquet is supported by Apache Pig, plain Hadoop Map-Reduce, and Cloudera’s Impala, and is being put into production at Twitter. We will discuss Parquet’s design and share performance numbers.

Photo of Julien Le Dem

Julien Le Dem


Julien is the lead for Parquet’s java implementation. He also leads Pig development at Twitter and is the Apache Pig PMC Chair. His French accent makes his talks attractive.

Photo of Nong Li

Nong Li


Nong Li is a software engineer at Cloudera working on the RecordService and Impala projects. Before joining Cloudera, he worked at Microsoft developing new APIs for the Windows graphics system (DirectX). Nong holds a Sc.B. in computer science from Brown University.

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Picture of Julien Le Dem
Julien Le Dem
10/31/2013 9:24am EDT

The slides can be found here:

Marek K Kolodziej
10/30/2013 4:33pm EDT

Would it be possible to post the slides here, like the other speakers have?


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