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Non-linear Storytelling: Towards New Methods and Aesthetics for Data Narrative

Giorgia Lupi (Accurat)
Design Murray Hill Suite
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How can a data-driven visualization tell multiple interplaying stories, and achieve a viable result in an abstract visual composition?

I will share the work I am doing with my information design company ( on analysing and visualising complex cultural, social and economical phenomena and focusing on a project for La Lettura, the cultural supplement of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera (full gallery here

Purposely, the aim here is to compose and deliver non-linear and multi-layered visual narratives able to maintain the informative richness of the data but still making this richness more accessible and understandable, publishing compound and complex stories told through data visualizations.

I will describe how we can imagine to open new perspectives in the field and how we can also aim at educating readers’ eyes to get familiar with new visual ways to convey the richness of information that we experience in our everyday lives rather than simplifications of the phenomena analysed.

The speech will outline the design process from the very first ideas to the final results in different cases, presenting backstage materials such as sketches and intermediate versions and showing how we select, analyse and combine different data-sets. It will conclude by tracing some red threads to discover possible new approaches to the aesthetics of data-visualization: focusing on how to get inspired from many different disciplines, how to build a personal method and set individual goals, and explaining why we hope our aesthetic and analytic choices can generate new possibilities for ongoing creativity and research in the data-visualisation field

The idea here is to open possible questions rather then providing finite and definitive answers: to ask ourselves how far can we go rather than delimiting the domain.

Photo of Giorgia Lupi

Giorgia Lupi


Giorgia Lupi is an information designer and researcher.
Merging her past design experiences, in 2011 she co-founded Accurat, where she is workinig as a design director. Accurat is an information design company based in Milan and New York city. Accurat researches and analyses data and context, and design visual tools and narratives to bring information alive, raise awareness, understanding and engagement. By using an iterative design process of perpetual prototyping to develop data visualisations, interactive applications and multimedia environments, Accurat helps new stories and phenomena emerge from an increasingly complex world.

Since 2011 Giorgia is also researching as a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano, at the Design Faculty as well within Density Design Lab, which focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. Her PhD research focuses on digital traces and sentiment mapping at the urban scale.


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