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Policy Sessions

Open data and heightened privacy concerns mean new, and often controversial, thinking on governance, ethics, and compliance. Be a part of the developing dialogue, and learn of the impact on your life and business.

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4:15pm–4:55pm Tuesday, 10/29/2013
Justin Makeig (MarkLogic)
Slides:   1-PDF 
Securely and cost-effectively managing petabytes of data from siloed systems is both a threat and opportunity for banking, healthcare, and other organizations in highly regulated industries. Drawn from production projects, this session will examine best practices around the use of Hadoop as part of a regulated data environment, including retention, provenance, privacy, and security.
4:15pm–4:55pm Tuesday, 10/29/2013
Amy Gaskins (Panopticon)
Slides:   1-PPTX 
The Army's Every Soldier is a Sensor (ES2) concept is entrenched in the belief that all soldiers, no matter their rank or specialty, can provide useful information on the battlefield. While deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan, the 43d Sustainment Brigade put ES2 to the test: training soldiers to obtain critical information about corruption and using it to figure out where our money actually goes.
5:05pm–5:45pm Tuesday, 10/29/2013
James Stewart (, James Abley (Government Digital Service)
Slides:   1-PDF 
The UK Government team behind the GOV.UK website talk about their work on the Performance Platform, a suite of services and a cultural shift taking people away from immensely detailed value stream maps about a call-centre and paper process (which might be an inherently 5-day long journey), to something that's digital, lightweight, fast and pleasant to use.
10:05am–10:20am Tuesday, 10/29/2013
Michael Chui (McKinsey Global Institute)
Michael Chui, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute
2:35pm–2:50pm Monday, 10/28/2013
Chris Perry (International Peace Institute), Marie O'Reilly (International Peace Institute)
Slides:   1-PDF 
If big data can be used to predict changes in consumer behavior, can it be used to predict whether rival factions will go to war?


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