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Finance Sessions

The financial industry has been pushing the envelope in real-time analytics, being successful in automated decision making on millions of transactions to predict markets, trade, and prevent fraud. Many of their hard-learned lessons are directly applicable to other industries.

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10:05am–10:15am Wednesday, 10/30/2013
Douglas Merrill (ZestFinance)
Most people think success in big data analysis is about the right mix of vast amounts of data, mathematics and Ph.D.’s (oh my!). Those people are wrong. You need artistry too. This talk will provide some examples of "pure" ML failures and give suggestions on how to build an appropriately artistic team.
2:35pm–3:15pm Wednesday, 10/30/2013
Micheline Casey (Federal Reserve Board)
Slides:   1-PPT 
Traditionally, security has tended to mean "lock down and protect". But there is a balance between securing data while still supporting information sharing and reuse. This presentation is meant to educate data management professionals at all levels how to manage this balance.
4:35pm–5:15pm Wednesday, 10/30/2013
Volkmar Uhlig (Adello)
Machine-generated data is getting stale fast. Operational data, sensor data, or video feeds requires new automated approaches to capture value. In this sessions we will show how to apply the lessons learned from automated trading systems and high-frequency trading to today’s Big Data problems to monetize information.
3:45pm–4:25pm Wednesday, 10/30/2013
David Thompson (Western Union)
In business there are demands that, if not managed well, can cause friction. This friction can be between colleagues and it can be felt by customers and clients. Consider financial services. Leaders constantly face pressures, from meeting revenue targets and consumer needs to engaging in activities like honoring individuals’ privacy rights and protecting people and the business from fraud.
4:30pm–4:55pm Monday, 10/28/2013
Gary Hoberman (Unqork Inc.)
For industries like insurance, innovation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But at MetLife, we’re changing that by embracing disruptive technologies across big data, the cloud, mobile, and more as we place technology at the center of our business. This session will cover MetLife’s culture of innovation and the initiatives that are transforming our company, and setting the industry curve.


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