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Oct 28-30, 2013 in New York, NY
Co-presented by O'Reilly Media, Inc and Cloudera

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Althaf Kandi commented on Integrated Hadoop Management – Tying it All Together!
Hi Zach, Is it possible to get a copy of your presentation deck?

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Weidong Wang commented on Separating Hadoop Myths from Reality
Good, but it seems there should be more information to support his decks.

Featured Speakers

The breadth of attendees is a testament to the breadth of the conference, and the synergies at the conference were nearly visible in the air.
— Andrew Caird, University of Michigan

No matter what you do with big data, you'll miss out if you don't attend:

Data scientists, CTOs, and analysts

Explore emerging topics and cutting-edge architectures for analyzing and exploring data, including machine learning, natural language parsing, crowdsourcing, algorithm design, and tools and best practices.

IT managers and practitioners

Learn whether (and when) to upgrade your BI and data warehouse environments to scaleout, noSQL, and eventually consistent platforms. Dive into the related business cases, risks, and constraints to avoid pitfalls and ensure the success of your projects.

Product managers and business executives

Hear concrete case studies on how successful organizations are harnessing data to claim—or defend—their markets, and learn how you can apply what they've learned to your organization.

Hadoop technologists

Master the latest developments in Hadoop through 3 dedicated tracks (zero in on one track or mix and match to best fit your needs):

  • The Hadoop Platform looks at components of the ecosystem such as HBase, HDFS, Yarn, Impala, Hive, and more.
  • Hadoop in Action features real-world case studies of the Hadoop ecosystem in action, from disruptive startups to industry giants.
  • Hadoop and Beyond explores other database models such as Cassandra and Mongo; cloud data services like BigQuery and Redshift; emerging innovations like Spark, Shark and BDAS; graph analytics; and realtime data processing.

Designers, architects, journalists, and marketers

Explore data collection and display, and the engineering of interfaces that turn raw information into useful knowledge and changed behaviors.

Policy makers and technologists

Discuss consequences of a world in which everyone is connected everywhere—the ethical and legal concerns, and implications for legislators and society.

The future belongs to those who collect and use their big data successfully.
And that future happens at Strata + Hadoop World.

Help Us Support Technology and Diversity

To help support technology education and diversity, while Strata + Hadoop World registration is open, we're raising funds for Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that introduces programming and technology to a new generation of coders. We ask that you consider joining us in supporting this worthy organization by making a modest donation when you sign up. O'Reilly Media will match those donations at the end of the conference.