Todd Lipcon

Todd Lipcon
Engineer, Cloudera

Website | @tlipcon

Todd holds a Sc.B in Computer Science from Brown University, where he completed an honors thesis developing a new collaborative filtering algorithm for the Netflix Prize Competition. Todd interned at Google developing machine learning methods to detect credit card fraud on AdWords and Google Checkout. Currently Todd works at Cloudera, Inc on bringing Map/Reduce technology to enterprises.


Hadoop: Tools & Technology, Grand East (NY Hilton)
sanjay Radia (Hortonworks), Todd Lipcon (Cloudera)
Average rating: ****.
(4.57, 7 ratings)
Hadoop 2.0 offers significant HDFS improvements: new append-pipeline, federation, wire compatibility, NameNode HA, performance improvements, etc. We describe the new features and their benefits and our plans for HDFS over the next year which includes Snapshots, Disaster recovery, RAID, performance improvements etc. We conclude with some of the misconceptions and myths about HDFS. Read more.
Hadoop: Tools & Technology, Grand East (NY Hilton)
Aaron Myers (Cloudera, Inc.), Todd Lipcon (Cloudera)
Average rating: ***..
(3.67, 3 ratings)
The initial implementation of a highly-available HDFS NameNode successfully removed all single points of failure from HDFS. This talk discusses further improvements to this work, including automatic failure detection and failover initiation, as well as removing the dependency on an HA NFS filer. Read more.
Office Hour, Rhinelander North (Table C)
Todd Lipcon (Cloudera)
Aaron Myers, Software Engineer, Cloudera, Inc. and Todd Lipcon, Engineer, Cloudera, Inc. Read more.


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