Frank Weigel
VP Products, Couchbase, Inc.


Frank Weigel is Vice President of Products at Couchbase, responsible for product strategy, product management, and community engagement. Frank is passionate about working with customers and users to understand emerging requirements and successfully driving disruptive technology solutions to market. Previous to Couchbase, Frank was with IBM as technical product manager for cross-platform virtualization. Prior to that Frank served in a variety of roles at Transitive, including R&D, product management, and sales engineering. Frank received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer engineering from Manchester University, and holds several U.S. patents.


Hadoop & Beyond, Grand West (NY Hilton)
Frank Weigel (Couchbase, Inc.)
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OMGPOP’s Draw Something broke all records when it went viral, skyrocketing to more than 50 million downloads and billions of drawings within a few weeks of launch – with no downtime. This session highlights the application architecture and data management technology that enabled this growth, and provides a real-time data management model for developers of any interactive web application. Read more.


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