Kevin Lynagh

Kevin Lynagh
Principal, Keming Labs


Kevin visualizes data and makes statistical interfaces on the web.
Before Clojure, he wrote machine learning and analytics tools in R and Scala.
In 2010 he wrote a thesis on protein structure, for which Reed College inexplicably awarded him a physics degree.
Kevin lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends as much time rock climbing as he does in the REPL.


Office Hour, Rhinelander North (Table D)
Kevin Lynagh (Keming Labs), Hadley Wickham (Rice University / RStudio)
Kevin Lynagh, Principal, Keming Labs & Hadley Wickham, Assistant Professor, Rice University. Read more.
Visualization & Interface, Murray East (NY Hilton)
Kevin Lynagh (Keming Labs), kim rees (Periscopic), Hadley Wickham (Rice University / RStudio), david nolen (ShiftSpace)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 2 ratings)
Advances in browser and mobile technologies have made the visualization and interaction of data on web a viable alternative to traditional tools used to visually explore data. Panelists will discuss the current state of web data visualization, as well as novel approaches made possible by recent advances. Read more.


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