kim rees

kim rees
CEO and Head of Visualization, Periscopic

Website | @krees

Kim Rees is a founding partner of Periscopic, an award-winning information visualization firm. Their work has been featured in the MoMA as well as several publications, including Print Magazine, CommArts’ Interactive Annual, The Information Design Sourcebook, Adobe Success Stories,,, and others. Periscopic’s body of work was recently nominated for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards.

Kim is a prominent individual in the data visualization community. She has published papers in Parsons Journal of Information Mapping, was an award winner in the VAST 2010 Challenge, and is a guest blogger for Kim has been featured on CommArts Insights and has presented at several industry events including the Wolfram Data Summit, Strata, VisWeek, Tableau Software Conference, WebVisions, and Portland Data Visualization.
Recently, she was the Technical Editor of Visualize This, by Nathan Yau of She was a judge on the WikiViz Challenge 2011 and CommArts Interactive Annual 2012.


Visualization & Interface, Murray Hill (NY Hilton)
kim rees (Periscopic)
Average rating: ***..
(3.80, 20 ratings)
Data has been locked in a mindset of rows and columns. Our brains are trapped by database schemas. To get out of that predisposition and communicate visually requires new thinking. This session covers techniques for reframing our thoughts about data, how to describe data, forming a narrative, and coming up with visual solutions. Read more.
Visualization & Interface, Murray East (NY Hilton)
Kevin Lynagh (Keming Labs), kim rees (Periscopic), Hadley Wickham (Rice University / RStudio), david nolen (ShiftSpace)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 2 ratings)
Advances in browser and mobile technologies have made the visualization and interaction of data on web a viable alternative to traditional tools used to visually explore data. Panelists will discuss the current state of web data visualization, as well as novel approaches made possible by recent advances. Read more.


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