Office Hour with Bitsy Bentley

Office Hour, Rhinelander North (Table E)

Bitsy Hansen, Director of Data Visualization, GfK Custom Research

Photo of Bitsy Bentley

Bitsy Bentley

Participatory Budgeting Project

Bitsy crafts meaningful data experiences that facilitate well-informed decisions. She supports the Participatory Budgeting Project’s mission with the design and development of, a mobile web application that makes data on community needs and public spending accessible to non-profits, advocates, and residents of communities using participatory budgeting processes.

Bitsy came to PBP after a decade in the market research industry where she was recognized as a leader in audience-focused data communication. She is thrilled to leverage her experience with data visualization and research communication strategy to building a more equitable democracy. When not occupied with her work as a data practitioner she is an artist and climate activist that creates genetically diverse, resilient ecosystems using indigenous farming and plant breeding techniques.


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