BizData Monetization: Turn Your Data into Dollars

Sponsored, Regent Parlor (NY Hilton)

Organizations have access to vast amounts of big data, but businesses are still data bankrupt. Business users should attend this session to learn how they can monetize their data within their organization. In this example, see how sales management can tactically use data to drive sales by reacting to pipeline movement, rep performance and sales velocity to guarantee they meet their quarterly goals. See a new generation of data-driven applications that enable your business.

This session is sponsored by GoodData

Photo of Thomas Strachan

Thomas Strachan


Tom Strachan is the Regional Vice President at Gooddata where he is responsible for customer acquisition and retention for the Eastern Division. Prior to GoodData, Tom held a leadership position at WebTrend’s, a leader in the web analytics space where he helped customers measure and understand their return on the digital initiatives. In addition, Tom has been an entrepreneur in which he ran a Yoga eCommerce store called, and has previously held a leadership position at Akamai Technologies where he participated in the growth of the organization from 20M to 400M in revenue. . He loves watching his customers go from being data bankrupt to monetizing that data in a very rapid time frame on the GoodData platform.


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