Hadoop: Thinking Big

Sponsored, Grand Ballroom (NY Hilton)
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Most organizations have limited their thinking about Hadoop. The use cases they pursue are narrow and have only scratched the surface on how to best improve business results and gain a competitive edge.

The truth is that there are just a few obstacles to overcome and a few changes in perspective, to realizing the full potential for Hadoop.

This session will provide insights into how the combination of scale, efficiency, and analytic flexibility creates the power to expand the applications for Hadoop to transform companies as well as entire industries.

This keynote is sponsored by MapR Technologies

Photo of John Schroeder

John Schroeder

MapR Technologies

John Schroeder founded MapR to address core limitations that were limiting the adoption of Hadoop and expand Hadoop capabilities to serve new business critical and real-time applications.
John has led companies creating innovative and disruptive business intelligence, database management, storage and virtualization technologies at early stage ventures through success as large public companies. John was previously CEO of Calista Technologies (Microsoft), CEO of Rainfinity (EMC) and Senior Vice President of products and marketing at Brio Technologies (BRYO).


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