Hadoop's Role in a Big Data Architecture

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With the rise of Apache Hadoop, a next-generation enterprise data architecture is emerging that connects the systems powering business transactions and business analytics. Hadoop is uniquely capable of storing, aggregating, and refining multi-structured data sources into formats that fuel new business insights. Organizations that embrace solution architectures focused on maximizing the value from big data will put themselves in a position to improve customer engagement, enhance productivity, and discover new and lucrative business opportunities. In this session we will discuss:

  • The evolution of Apache Hadoop and Hadoop’s role within enterprise data architectures
  • The relationship between Hadoop and existing data infrastructures such as the enterprise data warehouse
    Use-cases and best practices on how to incorporate Apache Hadoop into your big data strategy
  • Hadoop components such as HCatalog that are focused on removing the impedance mismatch between unstructured and structured systems
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Jim Walker


Jim is a recovering developer, professional marketer and amateur photographer with nearly twenty years experience building products and developing emerging technologies. During his career, he has brought multiple products to market in a variety of fields, including data loss prevention, master data management and now big data. At Hortonworks, Jim is focused on accelerating the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop.

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Picture of Jim Walker
Jim Walker
10/25/2012 4:01pm EDT

Thank you to everyone who came to this session! I very much hope it was useful.


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