Every Visualization You've Seen is Worthless

Data Driven Business Day, Grand West (NY Hilton)
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Data is getting bigger faster than ever, and visualization is emerging as the preeminent tool for gainign insight, gleanign answers, and making decisions informed by your mountain of data. Unfortunately, most of what’s being presented visually these days is, at best, more style than substance, and at worst, wildly misleading.

I’ll walk you through comon examples of visualization failures, and give examples of what to demand of your visualizations to leverage the synergies gain effective insight from your data.

Photo of Noah Illinsky

Noah Illinsky

Amazon Web Services

Noah Iliinsky is a senior UX architect with Amazon Web Services. Noah strongly believes in the power of intentionally crafted communication and has spent the last decade researching, writing, and speaking about best practices for designing visualizations, informed by his graduate work in user experience and interaction design. Most recently, he worked on Amazon QuickSight. Noah is the coauthor of Designing Data Visualizations and technical editor of, and a contributor to, Beautiful Visualization, both published by O’Reilly Media. He is also a frequent speaker for both industry and academia. Noah holds a master’s degree in technical communication from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Reed College.


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