What Can Enterprises Learn from Startups?

Data Driven Business Day, Grand West (NY Hilton)
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Modern startups analyze everything. Struggling to reach escape velocity before the money runs out, they obsess over details, experiment quickly, and optimize constantly. Analysis is simply a part of the day-to-day business, rather than an afterthought.

But there’s a problem: few of them know what “good enough” looks like. A startup might put all of its efforts into reducing a 2% churn rate, only to find out later that it should have been focusing on another metric because 2% was fine. Knowing what metrics matter and how an organization compares to others helps businesses time their growth and focus on fixing what’s truly broken.

Bjoern Herrmann might have the answer. Over the last few years, he’s collected Key Performance Indicators and metrics from thousands of startups. Working with entrepreneurship expert Steve Blank, one of the founders of the modern Lean movement, Startup Compass is trying to understand what “normal” looks like. In this session, he’ll discuss his findings, and what big, traditional companies can learn from his work.

Björn Herrmann

Startup Genome & Startup Compass

Bjoern is the founder of the Startup Genome and Startup Compass. In early 2011 he & his team set out to decrease the massive failure rate of startups and SMEs to accelerate the pace of innovation by transforming the business world from gut driven to data driven. Before Bjoern founded and led 4 for and non profit ventures in Germany, Bangladesh & the US. He also worked as an executive in Russia for one year for a mid sized marketing company. His personal passion or “leitmotif” is: unleashing human potential. His higher purpose is to strive to maximize the capitalization of every single individual. In his free time he speaks at conferences to pass on his lessons learned.


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