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With a nerdy name like data science (itself a term that has multiple understood meanings), you might expect a team of data scientists to be the bespectacled nerds in the back room: socially awkward, jargon spewing, and furiously clacking away on their keyboards. This image could not be further from the truth. An effective data science team looks a lot like an effective design team: brainstorming creative ideas, making prototypes, receiving feedback, telling stories, and deeply understanding the needs of others. Building great design teams is an elusive goal, but there is a vast amount written about it that is invaluable if you are building a data science team.

Photo of Mike Stringer

Mike Stringer

Datascope Analytics

Mike Stringer is co-founder and managing partner of Datascope Analytics. A physicist gone wild, Mike is passionate about realizing the potential for big data analytics to make a positive impact on business and society. Despite wearing a suit occasionally, he still finds the time to argue with others about Bayesian statistics, explore the amazing food in Chicago, and has recently become fascinated with typography. Mike received a BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado and a PhD in physics from Northwestern University.


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