Commercial Graph: A Map of Financial Relationships

Hadoop: Case Studies, Gramercy Suite (NY Hilton)
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Imagine the social graph where personal relationships are replaced by commercial relationships based on real financial data. Imagine the possibilities for small businesses to grow, connect, transact and prosper.

Intuit is uniquely qualified to achieve just this. We are entrusted with the collective data of 50 million consumers and small businesses. It is a unique pool of data that covers the financial spectrum – ranging from individual purchase history to business inventories.

At Intuit, we are building the Commercial Graph with the consumer and small business data from products like, Quicken, and QuickBooks.

We take millions of user-entered, and hence unstructured, business descriptions and billions of transactions and apply Hadoop based deduplication algorithms for normalization, and machine learning for categorization. In order to better understand the graph, we compute metrics such as connected components, centrality, and commercial PageRank.

We will examine several applications of the commercial graph, including finding more customers like your best customers, optimizing your vendors, and relevant offers & recommendations to help our customers make and save money.

A deep-dive on technical architecture will discuss use of Giraph as a Hadoop based large scale graph processing platform and neo4j as a real-time graph datastore.

Photo of Michael Radwin

Michael Radwin


Michael J. Radwin leads Intuit’s Data Services & Solutions team. His team develops new and innovative ways to put the collective data of 50 million customers to work for them, providing unique insights and experiences they can’t get anywhere else. With Radwin’s leadership, Intuit has adopted text analytics, recommendation services, and data-driven algorithms that create experiences that delight customers and impact the bottom line across product lines such as personal finance, tax, and accounting.

Prior to Intuit, Radwin was VP Engineering of Anchor Intelligence, which provided real-time scoring based on predictive models for advertisers and ad networks. Earlier, Radwin was Director of Engineering at Yahoo! where he developed and supported web and data platform technologies Apache, PHP, MySQL, and proprietary TCP/IP middleware systems.


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