Letting More Developers Dance with Elephants: What We Learned

Hadoop: Tools & Technology, Grand East (NY Hilton)
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In this session we will discuss key aspects of using non-JVM languages in the Hadoop environment. The first one is how we can reach to a much broader set of developers by enabling JavaScript support on Hadoop. The JavaScript API lets developers define Hadoop jobs in a style that is much more natural; even to those who are unfamiliar to the Hadoop environment. The second aspect is how we can bring Hadoop to .NET developers using C# and F# while taking advantage of language features like LINQ. The final aspect is how to enable tooling experiences directly in the tools developers are using, including a lightweight Web interface that leverages HTML5 for quite data analysis, and tooling inside the IDE to interact with a Hadoop installation.

Photo of Matt Winkler (C+E)

Matt Winkler (C+E)


hMatt is a Principal Program Manager on the Big Data team at Microsoft focused on building tools to make developers’ lives easier. Matt has been at Microsoft for 6 years working on developer tooling for distributed systems and cloud applications as well as technical evangelism. Prior to joining Microsoft, Matt was a consultant in the central United States building enterprise integration solutions.


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