Visualizing Networks

Visualization & Interface, Murray East (NY Hilton)
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Large Networks Visualizations go hand in hand with “hairballs” — tangled masses of edges that prevent the viewer from clearly seeing patterns in the network.

This talk will address several ways to overcome this problem:

  1. Adding Interactivity
  2. Edge Bundling
  3. Alternative layouts

For each of these solutions, open-source web-based implementations with d3.js and sigma.js will be shown.

Photo of Lynn Cherny

Lynn Cherny

Ghostweather Research & Design, LLC

Lynn Cherny has a Ph.D. from Stanford and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University. She has 19 years of experience managing and doing interface design and data analysis at companies including TiVo, Excite, Adobe, The MathWorks, and AT&T Labs. Her consulting work now focuses on data analysis and visualization.


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