Is Your Cluster a Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Hadoop: Tools & Technology, Beekman / Sutton North (NY Hilton)
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Most people don’t think about performance tuning until they start running their map/reduce jobs. If the performance issue is tied to poor coding, its an easy thing to fix. However, if the performance issue is tied to the cluster design and configuration…

On an almost daily occurrence, someone is asking for help on one of the online forums in terms of performance tuning. In the end, some of their issues could be traced back to cluster configuration decisions.

The time to start thinking about performance is before you even place the order for hardware.

This presentation talks about the different choices in hardware, and software vendors, and the trade-offs between the different options.

The presentation will review design considerations ranging from AWS to building out your own cluster, along with designing for the different flavors of Hadoop. As we look at different options, we also will discuss potential tuning issues as well.

Photo of Michael Segel

Michael Segel

Segel & Associates.

Michael has been working w Hadoop since 2009 and is the founder of the Chicago area Hadoop User Group (CHUG)

He is currently a Principal Architect with Think Big Analytics helping customers solve their Big Data problems.


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