Ubiquity, Interfaces, and Data: A Look Ahead to the Internet of Things

Data Driven Business Day, Grand West (NY Hilton)
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Without new interfaces and ubiquitous connectivity, we can’t collect data or get it to where it will make a difference. We’re on the verge of a sea change of connectivity, as we instrument the world around us, a movement known as the Internet of Things. Tomorrow’s Internet will be a flurry of machine-to-machine communications, with every part of our world able to collect and share information.
In this session, Rob Coneybeer looks at the many factors heralding the transformation—cheap computing, actuators, and on-demand manufacturing—and how they’re combining to enable a wide-range of new products and opportunities for devices that take in sensory data from the real world, translate it into electronic information, connect to the internet, and initiate action.

Photo of Rob Coneybeer

Rob Coneybeer

Shasta Ventures

Rob Coneybeer brings to Shasta Ventures deep experience in building early-stage companies. Prior to co-founding Shasta Ventures, he was a general partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA) where he led 15 investments in core infrastructure technologies spanning semiconductors, software and networking equipment.

Prior to joining the venture capital industry, Rob served as a lead integration and test engineer in the Astro Space division of Martin Marietta. While at Martin Marietta, Rob helped build the first EchoStar spacecraft.


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