The Language of Discovery: A Toolkit for Designing Big Data Interfaces and Interactions

Visualization & Interface, Murray Hill (NY Hilton)
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Looking deeper than the celebratory rhetoric of information quantity, at its core, Big Data makes possible unprecedented awareness and insight into every sphere of life; from business and politics, to the environment, arts and society. In this coming Age of Insight, ‘discovery’ is not only the purview of specialized Data Scientists who create exotic visualizations of massive data sets, it is a fundamental category of human activity that is essential to everyday interactions between people, resources, and environments.

To provide architects and designers with an effective starting point for creating satisfying and relevant user experiences that rely on discovery interactions, this session presents a simple analytical and generative toolkit for understanding how people conduct the broad range of discovery activities necessary in the information-permeated world.

Specifically, this session will present:
• A simple, research-derived language for describing discovery needs and activities that spans domains, environments, media, and personas
• Observed and reusable patterns of discovery activities in individual and collaborative settings
• Examples of the architecture of successful discovery experiences at small and large scales
• A vocabulary and perspective for discovery as a critical individual and organizational capability
• Leading edge examples from the rapidly emerging space of applied discovery
• Design futures and concepts exploring the possible evolution paths of discovery interactions

Slides with narration, and review of relevant exemplar applications / sites / precursors (not-online).

Audience engagement:
The presentation will encourage active audience discussion and engagement by soliciting examples from the audience throughout the presentation, giving the audience opportunities to apply the language to real scenarios and problems using public / common situations such as major products and on-line offerings, and instances from the presenter’s experience, inviting the audience to suggest design patterns that they recognize from their own past design efforts.

I am a long-time UX leader, currently directing the UX team that defines and designs discovery products for a startup recently acquired by a large product company.

Previous presentation / publication:
Portions of this material have been published in professionally reviewed publications, and presented at academic / industry events in London (EuroHCIR workshop) and the U.S. (HCIR conference). I will present a subset of this material at UX Lisbon 2012.

Sample slides:

Photo of Joe Lamantia

Joe Lamantia

Oracle Endeca

Joe Lamantia is currently the User Experience Lead and Architect for Oracle’s Discovery products. He has spent more than 15 years at the forefront of design and technology, working in Europe, the U.S. and Asia as an entrepreneur, management and strategy consultant, and design leader for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to boutique startups. His passion is understanding and bettering how people engage and interact with natural and human-created experiences, systems and services.

Joe builds products and services, design and development teams, and research programs that address emerging and rapidly evolving interaction spaces through deep insight and innovation; speaks frequently for the international design and technology community on leading edge practices; publishes extensively in professional design and technology journals; and creates and shares original tools and methods for experience design to enrich the UX and technology communities.


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