Hadoop, HBase, and Healthcare

Hadoop: Case Studies, Gramercy Suite (NY Hilton)
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A person’s health records are often fragmented across many institutions, making it difficult or impossible to assemble a complete picture to support the best possible care. With one third of acute care in the United States supported by Cerner systems, we are leveraging technologies such as Hadoop, HBase, Storm, and SOLR to assemble and analyze medical records with unprecedented breadth.

This talk will cover the following areas:

  • A technique for a continuously rolling, realtime Map/Reduce using HBase and Storm, which includes handling data that is incomplete and arriving in an unexpected order
  • Leveraging that system to pre-compute views into health records, index it in SOLR, and detect and alert clinicians of medical issues in near real time.
  • Using Map/Reduce to create new knowledge from this broad set of health data
Photo of Ryan Brush

Ryan Brush

Cerner Corporation

Ryan is a Distinguished Engineer with Cerner Corporation, one of the leading healthcare IT companies worldwide. He has built infrastructure for healthcare systems over the past decade, and currently is leading the design of Cerner’s big data infrastructure. Ryan also dabbles in writing, such as contributing a couple chapters to the book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know.


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