Strata Mini Maker Faire

Location: Sutton Parlor Foyer

Join us after the Attendee Reception on Thursday, September 22 for the Strata Mini Maker Faire — in partnership with Maker Faire, and on the heels of a successful Maker Faire New York.

Browse and interact with a gallery of sensor-laden Maker projects and discuss how they are relevant to the world of data collection and computation. You’ll be able to network with your peers working at the intersection of the Maker culture and the data revolution, while stopping to play with a variety of robots that will be on display.

Here’s a little preview of the featured Makers & their projects:

Cloud chamber

Flint Weisser’s works of sculptures and garage science has been featured in galleries across the U.S, Scotland National Museums, and on the Wired:Science, Scientific American, and Discover websites. Flint will be showcasing an array of his projects including: Expansion Cloud Chamber, Electrophorous, Electroscope, Digital spinthariscope, Kelvin (Water Drop) Generator, Spark counter, and 3 devices that measure radiation.

New media artist Balam Soto merges existing and custom, digital technology with artistic concepts and aesthetics
to create exploratory works, including interactive art installations,
murals, art video and performance. Balam will feature The Body Sound Suit, a bio-gesture capture and trigger system inspired by the arduino drum project. The suit captures human gestures/body movements and translates it into data; this captured data then triggers sound and graphics.

Alisdair Allan, author of Learning iOS Programming, Basic Sensors in iOS, Geolocation iOS, iOS and Sensor Networks and Augmented Reality in iOS, will display his Connecting iOS to the Real World exhibit, demonstrating how to connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the real world. He’ll use the Redpark Serial Cable for iOS and the Arduino, allowing you to make your iOS device part of the Internet of Things.

We’ll have a 3D printer on site working its magic, and students from NYU will be showing off what they’re doing with sensors.

Gabriella Levine is a NYC-based interactive artist and hardware designer who works with a variety of physical mediums and digital technologies to create interactive environments that investigate new ways of representing information. Her Protei Open Source Sailing Drones project features pollution collecting sailing drones, a low-cost open-source oil collecting device that semi-autonomously sails upwind while intercepting oil sheens going downwind. The design of Protei is meant to be hurricane-ready, self-righting, inflatable, unbreakable, cheap and easy to manufacture for immediate response.

Robot Room

Robot rover

Strata Mini Maker Faire’s Robot Room will be dedicated to a special exhibit of robots such as:

Robotic Rover

This Robotic Rover can operate Fully Autonomous, Semi Autonomous and Remote Control. This robot has many sensors and modules such as XBee RF Transceiver, HMB55 digital compass, 3 axis accelerometer, EEprom, two L293 H bridge motor controllers, an ultra sonic Range finder in the front two Sharp Ir range finders left, Right & Center, a Pan and Tilt mount with two servos which moves a wireless camera and 4 PIC Micro Controllers.

Robotic Car

The Robot Room will feature a robot car, which a person can sit and ride in while another drives them via remote control.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Dave Van Esselstyn, an educational technologist with a love for robotics, will be representing Brooklyn Robot Foundry – a group of educators and technologists dedicated to helping Brooklyn children and families optimize their hands-on, technology-based learning experience. This interactive mini robots and robot rebuilds exhibit will have robots talking(!) about the Brooklyn Robot Foundry and their goal of creating environments where kids and families can come together to build things.


  • Aster Data
  • EMC Greenplum
  • GE
  • Lexis Nexis
  • MarkLogic
  • Tableau Software
  • Cloudera
  • DataStax
  • Informatica
  • DataSift
  • Splunk
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Datameer
  • Impetus
  • Karmasphere
  • MapR Technologies
  • Pervasive
  • Platform Computing
  • Revolution Analytics
  • Sybase
  • Xeround
  • Media-Science
  • Platfora

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