LexisNexis: Reinventing New Business with Big Data

Ron Avnur (MarkLogic), Mark Rodgers (LexisNexis)
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Location: Murray Hill Suite B Level: Non-technical

Ron Avnur, SVP Engineering, MarkLogic, and Mark Rodgers, Sr. Director of Product Engineering, LexisNexis will reveal how LexisNexis is rebuilding its business platform to handle Big Data in real-time. LexisNexis is renowned for the technical solutions it has been building for 40+ years. It is well aware of the challenges of Big Data as it has gathered a huge amount of content. Avnur will explain how Big Data and unstructured information is slowly overtaking organizations. Rodgers will discuss the challenges LexisNexis faced as a global organization that was building new products to remain on the cutting edge of Big Data. Together, Avnur and Rodgers will give a brief overview of the technical implementation that enabled LexisNexis to address those challenges. Finally, Rodgers will detail the business benefits LexisNexis is experiencing as a result of its new Big Data business platform.

This session is sponsored by MarkLogic

Photo of Ron Avnur

Ron Avnur


Ron Avnur has been working in the fields of database management systems and enterprise search engines for over 10 years, and joined MarkLogic Corporation in 2003 prior to its initial product release. His experience includes both Silicon Valley start-ups and large enterprise software companies, where he has specialized in database query optimization and performance. Ron held engineering, consulting and pre-sales positions at Cohera, a distributed database startup eventually acquired by PeopleSoft. In other positions, he helped lead business development at Business Layers, a security software startup acquired by Netegrity and also served as a programmer at Informix Software, which was purchased by IBM in 2001. Ron holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a master’s degree in computer science from University of California, Berkeley.

Mark Rodgers


Mark Rodgers is Senior Director of Product Development at LexisNexis. Prior to LexisNexis, Rodgers worked in Sales Engineering at Brio and as a Sales Consultant at SQRibe Technologies. Rodgers has a degree in computer science from the University of Cincinnati.


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