Mikio Braun

Mikio Braun
Principal Engineer, Search, Zalando

Website | @mikiobraun

Mikio Braun is co-founder of Streamdrill, a startup focused on approximative approaches for real real-time big data. He holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and has worked in research for a number of years, before becoming interested in putting research results into good use in the industry. His current interests focus on anything to do with real-time data analysis, in particular using approximative approaches beyond scaling.


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Mikio Braun (Zalando)
Mikio will discuss technological and application aspects of real-time data analysis, particularly technology aspects, algorithms, and technology choices (such as streaming vs batch, and Spark vs. Storm). Talk to him about the application of real-time big data, for example: click stream analysis, monitoring, altering, and analytics. Read more.
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Mikio Braun (Zalando)
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Processing huge volume event streams in realtime poses quite some challenges. Based on our experience with social media data and realtime user interaction data, we discuss our experience with building such systems starting with a single computer. We have distilled this experience in a number of realtime data analysis patterns, which solve key aspects of such systems. Read more.