Uwe Weiss

Uwe Weiss
CEO, Blue Yonder

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Uwe Weiss is Blue Yonder’s visionary leader. His objective is to bring together world-class data science and world-class standard enterprise software. He is a passionate software entrepreneur with a noteable and successful track record.


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Uwe Weiss (Blue Yonder)
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While many companies are struggling to adopt big data and to unlock its potential, facing challenges of visualization and democratization of insight, a number of industry leaders are leapfrogging big data adoption and circumvent the analyst bottleneck by going straight to automation of core business processes. This requires overcoming a set of tough cultural, technical and scientific challenges. Read more.
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Uwe Weiss (Blue Yonder)
Interested in decision automation? Uwe is ready for in-depth conversations about his work at Blue Yonder, including Blue Yonder’s experiences with decision automation in industry and retail. Find out about cross-industry applications of machine learning, and managing change when introducing decision automation. Read more.