Alex Priem
statistical consultant, Statistics Netherlands


Alex Priem is a statistical consultant and data scientist at Statistics Netherlands: the Dutch government agency that is responsible for producing official demographic, economic, social and environmental statistics. His primary focus is data analysis and data visualization, and he is fluent in C, Python and various flavours of SQL. Although his work requires him to crunch and analyze ‘Big Data’, he doesn’t mind programming microcontrollers for fun in his spare time.


Government/Open Data
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Alex Priem (Statistics Netherlands), Edwin De Jonge (Statistics Netherlands)
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Histograms and heatmaps are often used to summarize large data sets. We provide guidelines for using them effectively and efficiently. We illustrate this using the complete Dutch income tax data by looking at distributions in wealth and income. Analysis of this data set is complicated by the large amount of variables. We use clustering techniques to automatically find relevant patterns. Read more.