Tomas Petricek

Tomas Petricek
Open-source developer, University of Cambridge


Tomas is a computer scientist, book author and open-source developer. He is the lead developer of several F# data-science libraries (Deedle and F# Data), but he also contributed to the design of the F# language itself as an intern and independent consultant. He is the author of a popular book called “Real-World Functional Programming” and is currently editing a collection of practical F# case studies.

Tomas is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, working on types for understanding context usage in programming languages. He is a founder of DualNotion ltd. where he provides training and consulting services. He recently spent 3 months in New York, working on F# tools for data science at BlueMountain Capital.


Tomas Petricek (University of Cambridge)
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The world of data is inherently diverse and "messy". Wouldn't it be nice if your programming language was aware of the external data sources that you are accessing? In this talk, we look at doing data science with F#, which provides unique way of integrating external data sources and libraries. You can access data, but also Matlab scripts or R packages, all from a single environment. Read more.