Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman
Lecturer, University of Washington

Website | @mf_viz

Michael Freeman is a senior lecturer at the Information School at the University of Washington, where he teaches courses on data science, data visualization, and web development. With a background in public health, Michael works alongside research teams to design and build interactive data visualizations to explore and communicate complex relationships in large datasets. Previously, he was a data visualization specialist and research fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, where he performed quantitative global health research and built a variety of interactive visualization systems to help researchers and the public explore global health trends. Michael is interested in applications of data visualization to social change. He holds a master’s degree in public health from the University of Washington. You can find samples from his projects on his website.


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Michael Freeman (University of Washington)
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Complex relationships in big data require involved graphical displays which can be intimidating to users. This talk uses real world examples to identify confusing elements in online visualizations, and articulates a framework for using animation and story-telling to amplify their impact and usability. Tangible and generalizable techniques applicable across fields will be presented. Read more.